Create WEB and Mobile Apps in minutes


is a DBaaS solution
with a powerfull REST API based on OData standard,
and compatible with a lot of JavaScript frameworks

Create awesome apps in minutes

Save and retrieve any JSON documents and NitrosBase will automatically manage shema, links, indexes etc.

Use powerful controls (like grids, trees, charts etc.) and frameworks. There are a lot of third party frameworks wich are compatible with NitrosBase.js

Focus fully on value-added application development and forget complex infrastructure and arduous and time-consuming database administration.

Graph Database as a Service

JavaScript objects may have properties referencing other objects or arrays of objects. So JavaScript objects form a graph.

NitrosBase.js stores all objects with their links (and arrays of links) into a graph. Queries are able to navigate through links and collect the associated linked objects like SQL joins.

Flexible graph schema implies that each object may have its own set of properties. This allows you to create, read, update and delete the properties for each object on the fly.

OData standard for REST API & JSON transfer

Perform CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) operations using simple HTTP requests and JSON for data serialization. Use queries to retrieve objects, collections, documents with linked and complex objects, performs sorting, paging, join operations etc.

Key Features

Easy to use

Save and retrieve JSON documents via simple HTTP requests. No need to write server codes.

Rapid App development

Place UI design ahead of schema planning and server coding.

Tuned for js controls

Supports all needed requests from js controls: paging, sorting, filtering, editing.

Simple & powerful REST API

Use queries to retrieve objects, collections, documents with linked and complex objects, performs sorting, paging, join operations etc.

Joins & Links

Get the data you want. For example, you can get “book” without writer information and download the writer object later; or get “book” with writer name; or get “book” with full writer object, etc.

Complex graph queries

Perform graph queries, including casuistic queries, as demonstrated by the following:
Find all writers who are referenced only by other writers who are also referenced.

Schema & Schemaless

Flexible data model allows you to post data as is or use schema for all or some types.

One language for client & sever

Reuse your knowledge, modules, libraries, schemas, and logic.

High performance

Thousands of concurrent queries, Thousands of queries per second, up to 100 TB per month data transfer.

Users and roles management

Ability to manage users and user groups for your database. Each group can have different permissions associated to the objects.


Strong HTTPS encrypted connection to database. Developers automatically have a secure connection to Database.

Files management

Not only database, plain files both text and binary, pictures, etc. can be stored in NitrosBase.js.

Servers all over the world

Our servers are located all over the world. We take care of the best bandwidth to your location.

Stay tuned in

Keep checking the site for new versions and upcoming modules like schema editor, test data generator etc.

Ask us

Ask us for new modules and features. We are open to cooperation.


Create awesome apps in minutes

NitrosBase.js is specially designed for rapid application prototyping. It is ready to use REST Server with powerful data access and query language.

You can start development of a WEB application without any server coding and database design!

1Start from UI design

NitrosBase.js allows you to focus fully on value-added application development, rather than arduous and time-consuming tasks such as:

database design and administration;

writing server codes for handling request, converting it to SQL queries, getting data from database, processing and combining data, changing format and sending to client.

2Add js controls & frameworks

There are a lot of JavaScript controls and frameworks that can interact with the server using REST API.

For example: jqGrid, Kendo Grid, Devexpress Grid, Infragistcs Grid, Syncfusion Grid, DataTables etc. All of them send requests to the server for paging, sorting, filtering data, adding new rows, deleting or updating rows. NitrosBase.js is ready to process these requests. You simply need to configure for the correct URL.

JS Controls

How to put javascript grid controls on WEB form to show a list of persons. Grid with paging, sorting, filtering, editing and without any server coding.


3Your application evolves & data schema changes

As your application evolves or changes, your data schema also changes. You can easily mirror these changes in NitrosBase.js without worrying about breaking a rigid schema or needing to refactor code. Our flexible graph data model allows you to save what you want.

What should you do if you need to add new field to a form?

Using NitrosBase.js

  Add new field to an HTML form

Using any SQL server

  Add new field to an HTML form

  Modify database schema

  Modify database access layer on the server

  Modify data transform codes

  Modify HTTP request handler codes

4New requirements

As user interface evolves, you would need some special complex requests like aggregation, joins, collecting data portions from many documents, etc. Powerful query language allows you to get what you want via a simple query. You do not need to write special procedures to collect data from different JSON documents. All data is stored in one graph, so you can do it in one query.

5Server side business logic

You can write triggers, stored procedures, and other server components using JavaScript. NitrosBase.js is based on node.js, so you can also change any modules like authentication, sessions etc. Moreover, you can reuse your knowledge, modules, libraries, schemas, and logic.