Towards “iron” DBMS

While developing a multi-model DBMS, we are extremely positive about all kinds of pluralism and all sorts of “confusion and vacillation.” And what kind of pluralism can be in the realm of database management systems, besides, of course, the existence of different data models?

It seems that in recent years, custom-made DBMSs are becoming more common – not least thanks to the announcement of such a trend by Gartner as enterprise knowledge graphs. However, what if there are no resources comparable to those of the same, for example, eBay, yet?

Probably, some kind of intermediate option is to create your own software and hardware system. At the same time, apparently, it is desirable that the custom hardware component provides some real advantages, and the software part, accordingly, uses these advantages.

A wonderful review article by Andrey Nikolaenko and Dmitry Volkov in the next issue of “Open Systems. DBMS “. By the way, NitrosBase is mentioned in this article.