Everything is calm on the Finnish-Chinese border

Our August publications on “Habrahabr”:

“Multi-model DBMS – the basis of modern information systems?”

According to Gartner, all leading DBMSs are moving towards multi-model. Is it really so? The leaders in each of the SQL and NoSQL DBMS classes and approaches to the implementation of multi-model in them are considered.

“Amazon Introduces PartiQL – SQL-Compliant Query Language for Data in Various Formats”

The software is eating the world, and the clouds are starting to eat the software. What approaches to data integration are practiced in the clouds? It is doubly interesting, since these approaches must certainly be standard and ideologically verified.

And, unfortunately, we went unnoticed by the publication following the results of last year’s August “10th TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking” in Rio de Janeiro (one of the VLDB 2018 tracks): C Zhang, J Lu, P Xu, Y Chen. UniBench: A Benchmark for Multi-Model Database Management Systems. All four authors are from the University of Helsinki.

Below is one of the tables in this article.

Not everything, in our opinion, here corresponds to reality, which we are talking about in the first of the above publications on “Habrahabr”.